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Sunday, September 27, 2009


Delay is a negative force that holds down destinies from getting to where they are to manifest on time, many times it hold people down on a spot where things are working against them and this gives birth to reproach.

If nothing is done, these forces are on assignment to waste people’s time and make them loose hold of divine promises. The power that provokes victory over these forces is the power of prayer.

Pray these prayers with all zeal and consecration.

1. Every Power holding down on one spot, loose hold on me in Jesus name.

2. Thou spirit of delay over my progress, be destroyed in Jesus name

3. O Lord, by divine mercy speedily remember me for good this season in
Jesus name

4. Father, accelerate the speed of my progress in Jesus name.

5. Holy Spirit by the force of power, release every thing that my life
needs to move ahead that has been delayed in the name of Jesus.

6. Every destiny helper sent to bring my dreams to reality, where are
you locate me by favour this season in Jesus name

7. From today, I receive the power to move forward, I receive the
divine backing to connect with my progress at all levels in Jesus name.
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