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Sunday, April 25, 2010


  1.   Every Hand of frustration upon my life, be destroyed in Jesus name. 
  2. Father, arrest power afflicting my life with disappointment in Jesus name. 
  3. Thou angel of divine favor assigned to draw favor to my side, get to work speedily in Jesus name.
  4.  Holy Spirit place upon me from today the mark of all round favor in Jesus name.
  5.  O Lord, by the force of favor open unto me this week, the doors of opportunity that will catapult my glory to the next level in Jesus name.
  6.  Heavenly Lord, destroy every force of opposition standing against my being favored this week in Jesus name.
  7.  From today i receive the baptism of favor in Jesus name, I am settled with favor, therefore my life shall be settled in Jesus name.
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