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Monday, August 30, 2010


1. Every power assigned to terminate my life suddenly, be arrested in Jesus name.
2. I destroy every negative prophetic utterance against my life in Jesus name.
3. I paralyze every operation of the devil in my life today in Jesus name.
4. I revoke every negative pronouncement release against my life in Jesus name
5. I shall not,but live to declare the Glory of God in Jesus name.
6. I am covered by the covenant of the blood of Jesus, every thing contrary to
the content of this convenant raised up against my life from any source, be
terminated in Jesus name.
7. Every spirit of death and grave , loose your hold of my life in Jesus name.
8. I bear upon me the marks of Christ, let no man trouble me in Jesus name.
9. Father convert every evil arranged for my life to goodness in Jesus name.
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