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Monday, February 7, 2011


The force of rejection are powers that denies people the delivery of what they are due for, it resist the progress of people especially when it comes to help, it hinders helpers from locating people.
Forces of rejection works to frustrate and waste destinies from laying hold of all that will add value to there lives.

If you are rejected by all and you fail to reject yourself, you still have the chance of getting to where you are ordained to get to. Even if you are accepted by all and you reject yourself, you cant go far in life. Deal with this force now. 

Pray this prayer with Psalm 27.

1. Every power separating me from my helpers of destiny be wasted in Jesus name

2. Thou Spirit of rejection operating in my life, your time is up, be destroyed in Jesus name.

3. Holy Ghost fire, deliver me from every power of promise and fail in Jesus name

4. Every satanic arrangement turning the back of people against me, scatter in Jesus name

5. Father, arise re-order every dis-orderliness in my life in Jesus name

6. Oh Lord, speedily connect me with my help in Jesus name

7. Father, quicken the heart of everyone that has been assigned to help me in this land in Jesus name.

8. Holy Ghost, cancel every mark of hatred placed upon my life in Jesus name

9. Lord, Create my remembrance in the heart of ………. Powerfully in Jesus name. (… Mention names of those people you believe are sent to you).

10. Every power creating enmity between me and those God has sent to my life, be destroyed in Jesus name

11. My Lord arise and make a way for me before in this year 2011 in Jesus name.

12.  By the power of God, everywhere I have been rejected which heavens has prepared for me, I received divine approval there now in Jesus name.

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