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Sunday, February 20, 2011


Oppositions are indications that you are in position for a promotion; whenever there are oppositions, it is a proof that you are due for promotion which they don’t want to give room for. If you don’t silence your opposition, they will restrict you, resist you and restrain you from moving ahead in life.

Pray these prayers to silence the forces of opposition in your life.

1.       Every invisible power of darkness resisting my promotion in life be arrested in Jesus name.

2.       Oh Lord, deliver me from every power on assignment to frustrate my purpose in life in Jesus name.

3.       I scatter every negative agreement designed to oppose and oppress my destiny in Jesus name.

4.       Every visible and invisible forces of opposition,  be destroyed in Jesus name.

5.       Father, silence every voice of antagonism raising up against my life this season in Jesus name

6.       Every satanic agent of opposition assigned to make a mess of my life, scatter in Jesus name

7.       I release myself from every hold of opposition, tying down my glory in Jesus name.

8.       Thou spirit of opposition and frustration operating in my destiny, scatter in Jesus name,

9.       Everywhere I have been opposed in life, I received divine empowerment to move ahead in Jesus name.

10.   From today I receive the divine enablement to triumph over all forms of opposition in Jesus name.

11.   By the power of God, I nullify every judgment of opposition placed upon my life in Jesus name.
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