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Sunday, March 6, 2011


One of the forces in life that needs to be dealt with if destiny will be fulfilled on time is the force of delay. The forces of delay hinders and slows down the timely accomplishment of people and postpone the due release of good things.
The forces of delay wastes people's time, effort and many times subjects destinies to unnecessary struggle. Prayer is one effective spiritual force to deal with delay. Daniel prayed till his due possession was released.

1.       Every visible and invisible power delaying my manifestation this year, be destroyed in Jesus name.

2.       Father, break every covenant of delay operating in my life in Jesus name.

3.       Holy Ghost by fire deliver me from every secret place where my destiny is held down speedily in Jesus name.

4.       Thou agent of darkness assigned to delay my due promotion and celebration, be arrested in Jesus name.

5.       By divine authority, every virtue and goodness of my life delayed anywhere, come out by force in Jesus name.

6.       I silence every voice of darkness speaking negatively against my progress in Jesus name. 

7.       Every power slowing down my progress in life, fail in Jesus name.

8.       Oh Lord, release divine empowerment for speed upon me today to overtake in every area of my delay in Jesus name.

9.       Everything in and around me that is cooperating with the force of delay to delay me, scatter in Jesus name.

10.   From today, I refuse to be delayed from progressing in Jesus name.

11.   My father and my God, call forth my delayed glory to shine from today in Jesus name. 
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