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Monday, March 21, 2011


Breaking through on all sides is one of the prepared portion of God for his children, In as much as breakthrough is your portion, not everyone is accessing breakthrough. There are powers that resist breakthrough, however the supernatural power of God breaks every barrier to breaking through.

1. Every power assigned to shut down the doors that leads to my testimony, be arrested in Jesus name.
2. I decree today, every force of life, resisting my breaking through, be destroyed in Jesus name.
3. Father, let every closed door that leads to my breakthrough be opened speedily in Jesus name.
4. Oh Lord, subdue every opposition on my way to new grounds in Jesus name.
5. Holy Ghost release upon me today the supernatural empowerment that will lead to my breakthrough in Jesus name.
6. Oh Lord, deliver me from every power wasting my effort to breakthrough in Jesus name.
7. From today I connect with the divine idea that will lead me to my unusual breakthrough in Jesus name.
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