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Saturday, April 2, 2011


 When the Favor of God runs dry in the life of a man what will be left is Labour, it takes the favor of God for life to answer to you productively. Favor is a distinguishing special kindness that sets a man ahead amidst the midst of many. As you start this new quarter it is very pivotal that you start baptized with the favor of God that will enhance the delivery of your due possession.

1. Everywhere the heavens of my favor has been closed, I command it to be opened speedily in Jesus name.

2. Oh Lord, open my closed doors of favor this week in Jesus name.

3. Father, uproot every seed of anti-favorable spirit operating in my life in Jesus name.

4. Holy ghost place upon me today the mark of favor in Jesus name.

5. Everyone that has been assigned to add value to my life by favor , Oh Lord stir up their heart in Jesus name.

6. My father, by your favor turn my story around for better in Jesus name.

7. Almighty God, from today let the good things of life answer to me by favor in the name of Jesus

8. Oh Lord, open a new chapter of favor in my life in Jesus name.

9. Holy Ghost, by fire break every yoke of struggle upon my life and release upon me favor in Jesus name.

10. From today I receive the baptism of divine favor that will open every door to me in Jesus name.

11. Father, place upon me the garment of your favor by mercy in Jesus name.
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