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Tuesday, March 19, 2013


The destiny of man is a progressive destiny, however certain forces arises to hinder the flow of progress in life. One of these forces is the spirit of limitation. To be limited is to be restricted, resisted and restrained. The spirit of limitation delays destinies from getting to their ordained expected place.The spirit of limitation is a force that must be broken out from if you will fulfill destiny in grand style. The spirit of limitation makes life to perform below capacity and frustrates people from being all they could be. If you don’t break out of the yoke of limitation, you can never get to where God has designed for you to get to and thereby not enjoying all that has been prepared for your destiny.

Read Zechariah 1:18-21

1.       Every household covenant operating in my life to limit my destiny, scatter in Jesus name

2.       Father, deliver me from every limiting forces in operation in my life today in Jesus name.

 3.       Every visible and invisible yoke of limitation upon my life, break in Jesus name.

 4.       Oh Lord, by the blood of Jesus, uproot every seed of limitation in my life in Jesus name.

5.       Every voice of limitation speaking against my advancement in life, be silenced in Jesus name.

6.       I nullify, every satanic decree against my progress in the name of Jesus

 7.       Father, destroy every weapon of limitation working concerning my destiny in Jesus name.

8.       My destiny, rise up from every valley of limitation today and begin to move forward in Jesus name

9.       My father, divinely separate me from every friendly and unfriendly friends serving as a channel of        
           limitation for my life in Jesus name.

10.   By the power of God, I receive the supernatural empowerment to be unlimited from today in
         Jesus name.

11.   Almighty God, from today every power that tries to limit my life, let them fail in the name of Jesus name.
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