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Tuesday, March 14, 2017


The First Session of prayers is on now LIVE on the Empowerment Teleconference Prophetic Prayer Line.

Prophetic Prayer Flow 1: Father today by your mercy, baptize me with undeniable favor that will catapult me into my possession without limits this year in Jesus name.

Prophetic Prayer Flow 2: In the name of Jesus, I receive the order of favor that will open doors and give me access to possess possessions in high places of life in Jesus name.

Prophetic Prayer Flow 3:In the name of Jesus I come against and destroy every operations of the spirit of disfavor operating in my life scatter in the name of Jesus.

Prophetic Prayer Flow 4:  In the name of Jesus , I cancel every mark of denial and rejection blocking me from possessing possessions and taking what belongs to me be cancelled by the blood of Jesus.

Prophetic Prayer Flow 5:  My destiny from today by favor become a magnetizer of good things, begin to attract my portions, entitlements and inheritances in the name of Jesus.

Prophetic Prayer Flow 6: Holy Ghost right now release the anointing of uncommon favor to possess my possessions, inherit my inheritances and take what belongs to me all over the nations of the world in Jesus name.

Prophetic Prayer Flow 7: Father this week, give me an idea that will launch me into my season of great harvest and progress in Jesus name.

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