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Friday, December 24, 2010

ROUNDING UP THE YEAR WITH PRAYERS - 3 Days Prophetic Prayer Guide

DIRECTION: I Have received a divine direction to share with everyone that has the mind to pray through into their breakthrough in 2011 this prophetic direction.

Engage yourself spiritually the last three days of the year 2010 with fasting and prayer to open doors ahead for you in the year 2011 and also prepare the ground for safe landing and comfort on all sides.

Create time to pray these prayers and more for each of these days.
You break your fast by 6:00pm each day. (Depending on your Capacity Please).

Day 1: Prayer Focus: Divine Direction for 2011 Establishment.
Prayer Scripture: Psalm 27

1. Thank you Lord for your covering over my life in this year 2010

2. Father, Reveal your agenda concerning my life in the year 2011 to me in
Jesus name

3. O Lord, by your mighty presence, liberate me from every negative attachment
that wants to end this year with me in Jesus name.

4. Almighty God, Open my eyes to everything I need to live my best life in the
year 2011 in Jesus name.

5. Father, by divine revelation, illuminate every dark areas of my life in
Jesus name.

6. Father by the Holy Ghost, let your presence go ahead of me into the year
2011 to make my ways prosperous in Jesus name.

7. Lord, recharge every spiritually weakened area of my life as I round up
this year in Jesus name.

8. Mighty God, breathe upon me the divine idea that will cause me to triumph
in the year 2011 in Jesus name.

9. Holy Ghost, by divine direction, order my steps to where my 2011
breakthrough is awaiting me in Jesus name.

10. Father, teach me the way to go as I exit this year 2010 to the year 2011 in
Jesus name.

11. I receive the divine direction for heavenly establishment on earth in 2011
as I round up this year in Jesus name.

Day 2: Prayer Focus: Empowerment for all round comfort & safety
Prayer Scripture: Isaiah 61

1. Father, thank you for your mercies throughout this year 2010, I am so
grateful in Jesus name.

2. Almighty God, thank you for your preservation over my life and family this

3. O Lord, release your power upon me for a safe journey in the year 2011

4. Every prepared evil concerning my life in 2011 be fruitless in Jesus name.

5. Heavenly father, go ahead of me and scatter every frustration waiting for
me in 2011, in Jesus name.

6. O Lord, empower me enjoy all round comfort in the year 2011 in Jesus name

7. Father, release your hand upon me for speedy accomplishment in the year
2011 in Jesus name

8. By Divine empowerment everything I command in the year 2011 shall
positively answer to me in Jesus name.

9. Holy Ghost, empower me for all around safety in the year 2011 in Jesus name.

10. By the power of God I convert every evil prophecies concerning the year
2011 into goodness concerning my life in Jesus name

11. I receive comfort for every struggle in the year 2011 by the power of God in
Jesus name.

Day 3: Prayer Focus: Releasing every Releasable
Prayer Scripture: Jeremiah 30

1. O Lord, thank you for all your goodness that was released to me in this
year 2010, blessed be your name.

2. Father, thank you because my remaining package for this year shall be fully
released in Jesus name.

3. Almighty God, Command the speedy release of every packaged portion for my
life this year 2011 in Jesus name

4. Every power assigned to frustrate me in 2011, I command you to be wasted in
Jesus name.

5. Mighty God, let everything answer to me favorably in the year 2011 in Jesus

6. Father, do something new that will spread abroad in my life as I start this
year 2011 in Jesus name.

7. O Lord, subdue every opposition to my lifting in the year 2011 in Jesus name

8. Father send help to me from every sides all through the year 2011 in Jesus

9. Year 2011 hear the word of the Lord, restore to me fully every opportunity
and goodness that I have lost in the year 2010 in Jesus name.

10. Father let the heavens be fully opened upon my life, career, children,
family and all that pertains to me in the year 2011 in Jesus name.

11. I receive grace to be released into my next level without limitations as I
start my year 2011 in the name of Jesus name.

Pray these prayers wholeheartedly and expectantly, also note every direction that will be divinely revealed to you in the course of these prayers. Take full responsibilities to lay hold of all that God has in stocks for your destiny in the year 2011. I see you breaking through on every side in Jesus name.
Pastor Beckley.
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