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Monday, January 31, 2011


You are a product of success and successfully created to succeed on earth. God made you, he succeeded in making you and built you to succeed. However, life does not deliver to you what you are due for, but gives to you what you demand from it.

Prayer is a channel for demanding the delivery of what you are due for on earth. Therefore pray these prayers with expectation in your heart.
Pray with the following scripture Psalm 40.

1. Every power assigned to put me to shame in life, be silenced in Jesus name

2. Every spirit of failure attacking my destiny, be arrested in Jesus name

3. Thou spirit of wasters sent to waste my effort, time, and energy be
wasted in Jesus name.

4. Every force of frustration operating in my life, be destroyed in Jesus name.

5. Thou force of stagnancy attached to make a mess of my life, be destroyed
in Jesus name.

6. Every visible and invisible power attacking my life scatter in Jesus name

7. Every power of darkness manipulating my destiny be arrested in Jesus name

8. Whatever power is working behind the scene concerning the issues of
my life, that is wasting my effort to succeed be consumed by fire in
Jesus name

9. O Lord, destroy every embargo against my success in Jesus name

10. Father, anoint me with the spirit of success today in Jesus name

11. Whatever power is contrary to my success, you are a failure, I refuse
to fail in Jesus name

12. I receive the supernatural empowerment for success and destiny fulfilment
in Jesus name.
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