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Tuesday, April 29, 2014


 In life, there are three positions you can be when it comes to finances.
1. The state of Financial Breakdown
2. The state of Financial Passing through
3. The state of Financial Breakthrough.

In all of these, the agenda of God for your life is for you to breakthrough. Just as God is interested and concerned about the salvation of your life, so also is he interested in your financial well being. He is willing to release to you the Power to get wealth and live in good health. Deuteronomy 8:18.
In order to step into the reality of this agenda, you have to understand that prayer is essential so also taking relevant action in the direction of God's instruction positions you to enjoy God's provision.
To command financial harvest and breakthrough you don't just pray but you take action and obey the word of God. Giving, tithing, sacrificing, diligence, discipline, and commitment to service are major things that enhances your financial breakthrough.

However the following are relevant prayers designed to  move you from financial breakdown to breakthrough.

Prayer Text: Isaiah 60:11-15

Prayer Point 1: Every Hindrances to my financial breakthrough this year, be removed in the name of Jesus.

Prayer Point 2: Wealth generating ideas, fall upon me, Wealth producing opportunities come my way speedily in the name of Jesus.

Prayer Point 3: Father Catapult me from Financial breakdown to financial breakthrough by your favor in the name of Jesus.

Prayer Point 4: Financial doors and gates of my life for massive harvest and breakthrough, open speedily in the name of Jesus.

Prayer Point 5: Father, every move and action i need to take for me to breakthrough financially in this season, move me to make it in the name of Jesus.

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